Diet Plan For PCOD

Diet Plan For PCOD

PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease. It is a medical condition in which a woman's ovaries produce immature or partially mature eggs. This kind of disease can result in several health issues in your body. So to cure the same, you should have a proper diet plan. I, Shreya Katyal at Diets & More, being the best Diet Plan for PCOD In Dubai, am here to guide you and advise you to get rid of the problem naturally.

Foods One Need To Avoid:

  • PCOD Patients Should Avoid Red Meat
  • Say No To Refined Carbohydrate Sources
  • Bye-Bye To Junk Food Such As Pizza And Burgers
  • Don’t Intake Carbonated Beverages
  • Avoid Saturated And Hydrogenated Fats
  • Stop Eating Sugar And Refined Cereals

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