Diet For Cholesterol

Diet For Cholesterol

As every engine needs cholesterol oil for functioning, our body also needs some cholesterol to work properly. But if the limit exceeds, this will become a reason for risky heart diseases. Keeping the cholesterol level balance is significant for living a healthy and happy life, which requires a proper diet plan. If you are searching for a Diet Plan For Cholesterol In Dubai, you've landed on the right page. I, Shreya Katyal at Diets & More, am here to help. Being a nutritionist, I know the condition well and provide personalized diet plans accordingly rather than this we also provide Diet Plans For Kids as well.

Foods That Lower Cholesterol:

  • Add oats to your meal
  • Intake barley and other whole grains
  • Eating nuts and beans
  • Have fruits like apples, grapes, citrus fruits
  • Up your fibre intake
  • Consume avocado and vegetable oils

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