Diet For Sports Nutrition

Diet For Sports Nutrition

If you are a sports person or involved in sports-related activities, you need a proper diet plan, as these activities need more strength, not only physically but mentally. Finding a good and effective diet is quite challenging for a sportsperson or athlete, and if you want for better results, you can reach me. I, Shreya Katyal at Diets & More, am the best Nutritionist here to customize Diet Plan For Sports Nutrition In Dubai will help you to keep your body energetic.

Food Good For Athletes

  • Should intake nuts
  • Eat green leafy vegetables
  • Consume milk and its products
  • Add cereals, seeds, and beans to your diet
  • Eat Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Intake fruits rich in vitamin

Food Not Good For Athletes

  • Sports drinks are not healthier for the body
  • Energy drinks cause internal damage, stress, and stimulation
  • Avoid alcohol, as it damages the liver
  • Don’t take white sugar or non-nutritive sweeteners
  • Say no to candies and fried food
  • Not to eat baked goods and desserts
  • Conventional protein powders harm health and performance

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Being the best Nutritionist For Diet For Sports Nutrition In Dubai, I understand what a sportsman's body needs and customize your diet chart accordingly. Have any doubts? Drop an email or WhatsApp me. I’ll answer all your diet-related queries online.