Diet For Elderly

Diet For Elderly

As you grow older, your need for nutrition, appetite, and food habits changes too. You need to add various things to your diet plan to meet the nutritional need in old age. However, to opt for a healthy lifestyle, you first need to know your specific nutritional requirements to adjust them accordingly. Getting a professional and personalized Diet For the Elderly In Dubai would be beneficial for effective and positive results. I, Shreya Katyal, am here to help you with Customized Diet For Elderly. So feel free to know the best Diet Plan For Weight Loss at Diets & More.

What To Put Or Limit On Your Plate When You’re Over 60?

  • Add colours to your plate via fruits and vegetables
  • Intake cereals and high fibre-rich foods
  • Drink plenty of water to meet the daily requirement
  • Limit foods having high saturated fat
  • Avoid foods and drinks containing added salt
  • Say no to added sugar foods
  • Stop or limit the consumption of alcohol

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If you want to enjoy your old age, update your diet for healthy results. Reach Diets And More to get a custom Diet For Elderly to make your life healthy and happy. So don’t wait, call me and book your appointment now!